Monday, February 27, 2006

Cosmic Dancing


the sun

fiercely blazes brightest ever

pouring out

blistering euphoria



bits of starlight

spill cool frenzied

sparkles of intoxication

how does a single soul cause such cosmic jubilation?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Books Refused

I decided to forget you


but the books refused

every title

and word

every single phrase

shouted you

from the comfort of their

dusty shelves

disheveled stacks

the world

must have heard

this cacophony

sit-in of the masses

assaulting me from all sides





politics, poetry

love lost, love found

and the final seal

breaking on the door of my

last desperate

grasp for oblivion

was your name

worn by an unsuspecting soul


across the page to

twist my heart

into a 4th of July explosion

of longing

i decided to forget you


but the books refused

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


i close my eyelids

and timidly step
searching for the perpetual youness
that can always be found
in the ubiquitous
Land of Tuesday

over the spiraled reaching branches
lives the violet silver mistiness
which begins to cool the
ever longing
that resides inside

desire triumphs
piercing the thick calm
searching for youness
i half see your vague form
through the gauzy veil
that settles delicately
on the
Shores of Accquaintance

but as i reach out
to know your face
my hands slips and finds
only empty air
next to my computer screen

the ethereal Land of Tuesday
dissolves into
firm reality
without the youness
of you
to ensure it's realness

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Land of Tuesday

deliciously gloomy day

violet mistiness

saturates my soul

leaving traces

of divine melancholy

glorious greyness

proposes iridescent musings

my dreams sail away to

the Land of Tuesday

where you reign

Ode to Joe

This is quite a bit different from my other stuff.... this is an example of all the silly nonsensical stuff I was written many moons ago when I was a freshman in college for one of my senior buddies

Ode to Joe

Once there was a man named Joe
Many athing he did know
He knew just how many feathers on a crow
And how to make his hair stand up in a 'fro
But all of this knowledge brought him to naught
Until one day when his heart was caught
By a beautiful gal whose surname was Adamsom
Who made his heart beat like indian tom-toms

After he and the Lord had a talk
Upon Ms. Adamsom's door he did knock
He asked her if she would like to go on a date
And she knew he had fallen hook, line, and bait

So off they went, he drove '78 Caprice
To visit Shanequa, Joe's mother's niece
There they watched a goldfish swim in a soy milk jug
As Shanequa proceeded to lavish them with squishy bear hugs
Since his girl made it through this dreadful event
Joe knew she was the one a "Godsent"

So down in the Valley in the land of Gibralter
Where all of the fellows who live there's name is Walter
He popped the question...knees knocking in nervousity
Till she replied only if you promise me
To love me forever and take out the trash
Then i will always darn your socks and never make goulash

So Joe and Missus now agree
That no place is as beautiful as Philpearagee
They now are the proud parents of 17 children
Who much to Joe and Mrs. Joe's chagrin
Have only one talent, which is being able to twitch their chin
They all live happily in there little plaid green trailer
And there 18th son has just become a sailor
Thats the story of joe's amazing he got really lucky and obtained himself a wife

Monday, February 6, 2006

We Have Walked

Dedicated to Terry and Shirley Cox

We have walked in

shimmering places

in and both out of this world (and that other)

hand and fingers

deliberate in their embrace

as dragons, fiends and other degenerate souls

face us and are


by the sheer force of willing

Gradually now

i slip

more and evermore

into that other realm

full of thirst

for continual state

in this half-dreaming reality

pain does not live here

neither do you

i must

quit this tired struggle

bow to the understanding

time requires this adventure alone

rediscover and explore

that world of

shimmering places where we have walked

Shiny Thing

my darlingest
shiny thing
of wonder
brilliant laughter shoves away
showers soul with
cosmic craziness of you and your
exuberant innocence

Friday, February 3, 2006

Outburst #2

You are
Many come bringing their
gifts of
faux niceties, compliments, deceitful beauty
But you (yes, you!) stand
simply embodying
smile words eyes that hold my own so tightly close
are real

My mind heart begs
from you
what others have been denied
(with much scorn)
A simple invitation

My answer is (surprisingly)
but the desired request
does not
i smile sweet my hands
Trying to encourage the
wish for my

Your words keep
drawing me pulling me
me to you
but (sigh)
you only smile
flipping the ipod
back and forth between
no overture played (are you scared?)

Turn away and my
heart comments to my
"ah...this irony of life"