Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tuesday Raindancing

Betwixt sheer shiny

cold silverdrop reflections

you and i tango

Monday, March 27, 2006

Awkward Penance

Talking me

out of you

has (of late) become

the awkward penance of

my rebellious heart

i traverse

the incorrigible list of diversity

(mine and yours)


spicy cold pizza for me

nutritious (and nasty!) grapefruit for you


me all decked out in a scarlett letter (the 18th one instead of A)

you as blue as Ella's husky voice discussing impending dark clouds


i flushed my sole responsibility when his fin began to disinegrate

you (horror of horrors) own man's best friend

The file thickens with

every anticipated encounter

Then, you create a list of your own

naming it "ways to amaze her"

and proceed to topsy turvy me

Starting with

your penchant for numerous repetitive viewings of Roman Holiday

(and you're straight -- didn't know it was possible)

Higher shock value...

you're literate

thoughts ideas memories of passages

flow through

those bewildering lips

you know my heroine Jane

and your opinion of her works leaves

myself wordless

My overactive mind soon casts


with you in

the starring role

a linen suit

blue Vespa

the Coliseum

and me

arms full of reasons why not

tossing them to

the wind

climbing on behind


to take off

into the slighly cliched but dazzling and all to uncertain sunset

Monday, March 6, 2006

Cherry Flavored Escape

new found addiction

tart cherry flavored escape

ruby sparkle taffy