Saturday, July 25, 2009


Ever step out of the house into the silvery light of the moon when its just a shadow of its former whole self? Cool almost damp air presses in on your skin refreshing you even as it leaves a misty trail along your neck. And the stars, polished to sparkling points, brilliantly arranged in their exhibition of celestial artwork, stand out starkly against a perfectly clear velvet darkness. You breathe in deeply, absorbing the magnificence of it all, until it becomes a part of your soul...along with a profound feeling of being at rest in the midst of the spinning chaos called the 'verse. Recognition dawns...your voice, albeit a small one, is a necessary part of the cosmic Love Story playing out all around. You have a role to fill that against the beauty of this incredible night seems so irrelevant...but is the exact Truth you are an intricately created being whose actions affect all those within your orbit. You take in the moon, the air, the stars, and wild untame-able joy is unleashed in the inner most part of you as the decision is made to....pursue with passion the Big Dream. After all, you remind yourself, life is too short and the days are to long for you to be ordinary....