Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Picasso's is what every indie coffee shop aspires to brick and hardwood floors are the natural canvas for the latest showcased artwork and pithy sayings that cover the walls. Huge burlap coffee bags have been sliced, hemmed, and painted, then hung as curtains to shade the massive floor to ceiling windows. Sandwiches are full of healthy goodness and toasted to absolute perfection and served to me with a dill pickle and banana, as opposed to Sun chips. The essential mix of coffeehouse music plays over the speakers...Colbie, John, Norah, and even that song that AT&T has procured for their commercials...that one about "I think that possibly, maybe, I'm falling for you..." that makes you want to change your phone service in hopes that a beautiful man traveling across Europe will be thinking of you and realize that he is falling crazy desperately in love with you. I'm curled up with my laptop in the back top tier in a tall chair with a real porcelain cup and saucer full of soy chai and Norah singing "Come away with me...." when I feel the stress twisted up in my neck and shoulders relax and I find that I'm taking deep slow breaths, and the little tiny cappuccino spoon sitting sweetly on the saucer turns out to be an ingenious way to scoop the fluffy clouds of foam that rest in the bottom of the mug into my mouth....a most excellent day. Can't help but think of you as I take my rest from the craziness ensuing about me....