Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Sunday night when I returned to my now home from my then home, I walked in the door of my tiny freezing apartment. There on our kitchen table, lay an envelope I have been anxiously awaiting. My PhD application from Harvard. There is a reason why so few people get into this magnanimous's because NO ONE can finish the centuries long application. Seriously, I think the only thing that was not asked was my shoe size and the ice cream that tops my favorites list. So, along with the 25 page writing sample that is required of me for the other applications, I also have to write an abstract for every single course I have taken undergraduate and graduate...which is about 80 (count them, only 20 less than 100) CLASSES!! And, I'm having difficulty writing my writing sample. Now, you'd think someone who desires to get their PhD and understands that for the rest of her life a considerable amount of writing will be required of her would be able to toss of 25 pages in no time. No, it's just not happening. Everything that I think I want to write about is incredibly broad and would require a least one if not several dissertation length books to cover what I would like to cover. I need help, people, if anyone is even still reading this. Thoughts, ideas, and comments are REQUIRED!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...


Considering it costs about $45,000 a year for post-graduate studies at Harvard, if the writing is not just flowing from you, I would be asking God if this is what I should be doing. If it is the will of God just start filling out forms and writing the papers and you will start feeling it.

Aunt Susan

Noelle said...

Can't you get copies of your syllabi from the various classes and colleges you attended and start from there? Typically, a well written syllabus will practically have the abstract already written within it. You can usually find these online now as well. You can do it!!! Think: I am a scholar, I am a scholar, I am a scholar