Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trucks and Pancakes

So its been centuries I know since I have posted and with the urging of a few family members and Brit, I'm going to try and do better. The past several months have been what can only be termed as crazy, amazing, difficult, and CRAZY. Today was a fine example of just what the previous months have held. It started early, much to early with a text at 5:15 A.M. from a friends who is rapidly being put on the not so favorite list, he wanted to say Good Morning, specifically because he knew that I was still asleep and he had to be up...great friend, huh! It continued on pretty alright with me teaching Algebra for A (now I believe I really can do absolutely ANYTHING) After said Algebra teaching, I took an uneventful trip to Panera for some incredibly awesome tomato soup (i'm addicted) for J and I. On the way home, a huge yellow Dodge Ram decided to meet my Jeep up close and first ever accident in 10 years of driving. Though I am bruised and sore, I'm okay...however, my poor little Jeep is not quite so okay. Upside: the rental place gave me a Ford F150 to drive while my vehicle is getting fixed (I just love silver linings). And, you know what the funny thing is? This morning on my way to school I was chatting with God and just let Him that I really love my life....right now is definitely in the category of most difficult time of life thus far, but I find myself truly truly believing that statement, even now...after a day that I really wish I would have stayed in bed for...i find that I LOVE MY LIFE...its pretty stinking fabulous and i'm thankful for it and the people God has placed in it. What I wish: Tomorrow was a snow day, I could sleep in and awake to the smell of Banana Pancakes.....

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