Friday, March 19, 2010


There are moments when it creeps up under your skin…you know that damp grayness that hangs around after the universe has decided that three days of sunshine in Wisconsin is far too many for this time of year. It tries to steal into your soul and dissolve the joyous emotions of Spring and potential and love and….hope. The horrific abomination which is the scent flowing from Frito Lay Corp envelopes you as well and causes the inevitable vow to yourself to never again eat a potato chip for as long as you shall live. Uneasy restlessness digs its talons into your center and your stomach knots deeply. You breathe in and then out, trying to cleanse the dirty sock feeling that lingers inside. Looking up at the clouds you think, "clouds are momentary. The stuff they are made of dissolves in sunlight." And the unbearable load that weighed on your heart begins to lighten...

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