Thursday, October 11, 2007

Welcome to my world....

Family, friends, and random readers,

I love you all equally, however the time I have available to spend on the phone has of recent become seriously limited so I decided to do what every nextgen does...write a blog about my life so those who I haven't had the opportunity to talk to in awhile will have a chance to catch up on my increasingly hilarious life, if they so desire. I have of late moved away from my dear city to a little suburban town in Ohio where the only "ethnic" food available to me is from an extremely unsanitary little joint so originally named Wok and Roll. I live in tiny bitty apartment with two other girls B & J, a colony of ants that reside in the bathroom next to the toilet that is possessed, and a garbage disposal that displaces the sink when it is turned on. My career has veered sharply off it's path and taken a pit stop in a growing private school. Though being a teacher is that LAST thing I ever wanted to do, I am finding it strangely rewarding, challenging, and at times fall down funny. I have several students, ranging in age from 4-17. Those who I believe will be featured most prominently in this blog include a fifth grader who loves to hug me and place his head upon my chest (AAAAHH), a 4 year old who claims that in the garden "the snake ate Adam", a 17 year old boy who repeatedly makes marriage proposals to me during computer class, a cadre of high school girls who are the inspiration for the movie Mean Girls, and my dear little high school book discussion group that is made up of approximately 12 junior and senior boys. I am also in the process of applying to six different schools for a doctoral program. This process is incredibly grueling, time consuming, and very scary when the imminent possibility that I may not be accepted into any of them looms directly overhead.

For my dear aunts that are reading this, I have to slip in the fact that there is still not a man in my life (unless you count the fifth grader or the 17 year old). Though there are several guys near my age in our college and career group, I don't believe any of them read anything more challenging than Sports Illustrated and when I asked one of them what the last good book he had read was, he proudly proclaimed, " 'The Cat in the Hat' but it's been awhile." I know, I know, to picky, right, but right now I'm more than willing to wait for that beautiful man with curly hair, a truck, a relationship with God, and in possession of the intellect neccessary to hold forth a discussion on everything from stem cell research to Dickens to Friends to whether or not other intelligent life is somewhere in this vast universe. Pipe dream? No, he exists.

Explanation of the title of this blog will only be given via email. Paypal is the only accepted form of payment to be in on the joke.

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Lawtons said...

Hey there Melis~ I love the title! I think I get it w/o having to have you email me the secret password!! That's wonderful that you are applying to doctoral programs. You WILL get accepted somewhere. It's just a matter of where and where you want to go. No worries. I'm looking forward to visit at the end of the month. Hopefully we can hang. . . let me know what you have planned. Take care~ noelle