Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Conversations in Green

How can I make you leave? You of the soft laughing fall into green eyes.
You stand closing the distance until our faces are within a heartbeat of each other.
Eyes speak... "I can't leave - don't want to be that ten minute stretch of road away from you," yours say.

My response is a deep twisting within as heart leaps forward.
Lighter green answers your darker green - Stay, curl up with me on the old comfy couch, we'll be cozy together - Enjoying the nearness, never running out of words, but often stopping their flow in order to soak up the delicious silence full of deep thought, insinuations - words which must not be spoken until that one later time.

You are within touching space, but only our eyes entangle - which is enough for all bits of vocabulary to be removed from my mouth. I now completely lack the ability to tell you, Leave, it's late, what would people say...?

So, you stay. Outside is cold, and after all the truck needs warmed up a bit...right? We escape again into the silence, words, and each other for a few precious more moments and then check the clock to find minutes are an hour and now you must leave before breakfast, sunrise, and roommates break the news.....tomorrow has arrived.

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