Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Verbal Decimation...

Where shall I begin....with the projectile coughing? no, wait maybe we should begin with the fact that right now on the level below me is a very extremely incredibly large python in a box or maybe, no I know, let's start with the somewhat attractive young quasi-aryan blonde man that I eviscerated with my words on Sunday evening because of his stance on the whole "racism" thing...It was Sunday evening after service and I was rapidly losing my voice, mainly because as I found out from the doctor in my visit yesterday, I have sinusitus and bronchittis and that causes a build up of bacteria on the voice box which...causes your voice to disappear. Anyway...Sunday evening...a young couple in our church invited J and I over for a cup of tea to hopefully boost our swiftly deteriorating health. J and I were sitting on the surprisingly cozy mod black leather couch discussing how previously mentioned young man is a good dresser and somewhat attractive until he opens his mouth and begins to speak. Said guy walks in at that moment and proceeds to sit down on floor to chat with us....decides to ask J and I what we think of the eventual election as teachers. Discussion begins and then he says...I quote, "Well, it won't be a good thing if a "black" becomes president, "they" will take over." Well now, some of you know me and clearly already can picture the look on my face as well as what is about to happen to this unfortunate fellow...I practically disembowled him with my words first in utter shock that I'm actually hearing what he has to say coming from one so young and then because of what he says next, he continued on for a few minutes, citing an experience that had ensued when he was previously living in a Southern state. Me.."So you're saying the guy slit your tires because he was black? Not because he was an idiot troublemaker, but because he was black." Him, "Well, uh...yeah." Me (gearing up for the kill), "Really. You saying that he did this because he was black is like me saying that because you're from Arkansas you must be stupid." (so my analogy was slightly off, but if you knew the situation better you'd understand why I said it) Him, "Well I mean like, I'm not racist or anything." Me, "Hate to break it to you, but yes, yes you are racist and if you have any of Jesus in your heart and are trying to be like Him by any stretch of the imagination, you might want to rethink your ideas...also, what century are you living in??? This is Ohio, it's 2007, and before you make comments such as these, you should be aware of who you are speaking to...everyday I teach a class of 5th graders who are ALL African American, I have family who is also African American, and at least half of my home church back home is African American." I had many many other things to say, but he looked so shell-shocked, confused, and could not seem to pick up the pieces to continue the discussion that I decided to sit down. As J said, for me to continue would have been akin to smothering a small child. Smart aleck other young preppy frat boy sitting on the other side of me pops up with, "So, probably a bad time to mention that my family is in the KKK." He's laughing...literally laughing and agreeing to some extent with previously mentioned and now verbal intenstines hanging out young man. I gave him the famous look I inherited from my dad, Aunt Deb, and Pawpaw and stood up to leave....such uglyness...I so rarely see it, that when I do it ignites in me an anger and a desire to point out the idiocy and un-Jesus-likeness of said uglyness. I understand verbal evisceration is probably not the best response or the most Jesus one ...but I'm working on that....Really ;)


Anonymous said...

Righteous anger, Melissa, righteous anger. Even Jesus had to let it all hang out sometime.

Aunt Susan

Noelle said...

I'm surprised he was even aware that the election was looming. He was clearly looking for an in to talk to two beautiful "buns". I'm proud of what you said. How else are people going to change their thinking unless their ignorance is pointed out to them? Bravo! ~N